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Manufacture & Export

Adult Care, Baby Care, Female Care, Pet Care, OEM


Adult Diapers & Pads


16 Years Manufacture

Professional Export

One-stop Supply


Baby Diapers & Wipes

Safe Care 1st

Latex Free

No Bleach/Fluorescent/Phthalate


Quality & Ship Guarantee


Female Pads

Free Sample Available

Small Order Accept

Factory Price Agree


Pet Puppy Pads

5 Layers Design

Waterproof Bottom

Anti-slip Stickers

Bamboo Charcoal Hot Sale




KeepBetter Introduction

16 years of manufacturer factory of incontinence products;

30 +production lines,

200-600 pcs/min production capacity;

Customized OEM manufacturer and export of disposable adult diapers,disposable adult underwear, baby diapers, baby pull up pants, baby wipes, disposable underpads, female sanitary pads, maternity pads, disposable pet training pads, and so on;

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One-Stop Purchase All Incontinence Products

30+ production lines
200-400 pcs/min production capacity
600+ employees
  • Complete disposable hygiene products lines
  • Adult disposable diapers / adult pull up diapers / adult booster pad; 
  • Baby diapers / Baby pant diapers / Baby wipes /
  • Female sanitary napkins / female maternity pads / breast-feeding pad;
  • Disposable bed underpads / pet puppy training pads;
No matter you want hygienic disposables for adults, babies, women, men, or pets, for personal care or medical supply, you can just buy and import all relevant products here in One-Stop.


Smaller Minimum Order Quantity

We understand small moq is important for importers, especially creating a new product for market test or placing a trial order for quality test, so we provide multi-options:
  • 1x20ft per size, all products;
  • 1x40hq per size, special customized products, e.g. bamboo pet pads;
  • 1x40hq mixes 2 sizes, female sanitary pads;
  • 1x40hq mixed 3 sizes, adult diapers;
  • 1x40hq mixed 4 sizes, baby diapers with white backsheet;
  • 2x40hq mixed 6 sizes, baby diapers with printed backsheet.


Lower Price

10+ disposable hygienic products manufacture,
→Much bigger amount raw materials purchase every month,
→Lower purchasing price,
16 years experience on how to control production cost, management cost and logistic cost,
→Better and lower sale price to customers.


Flexible Payment Way

According to customers' different situations, we decide to use the following different payment terms.
  • TT,
  • LC,
  • Paypal ,
  • Western Union,
  • Money Gram,
  • Escrow,
  • Cash,
  • D/P.


No Delivery Delay


Stable Quality Guarantee

No change raw materials without customer's permission.
●Show test report of mass production samples.
●Guarantee bulk sample will be the same as reference sample.
Once product quality standard is fixed, we will never change it. We will neither provide better quality, nor provide worse quality. We'll just keep providing same stable quality products to you, to support your stable customers and market.
We know some customers need high quality, some need regular quality, and some might need a little bit low quality. Because each customer has different sale market and consumers.


24hrs After-Sale Service

If you have complaint on our product or service, we will always give you fast reply within 24hrs. We will not ignore your opinions and suggestions. Instead, we will value them as an important opportunity to improve our products and services.


CE, FDA, ISO, SGS Approval

  • CE certificate for EU market,
  • FDA certificate for US market,
  • ISO certificate for all market,
  • SGS certificate for Swizerland market.
  • We give you necessary documents support for your custom clearance.

HOW TO WORK WITH US There are 4 ways to work with us. Check each way as following:

  • Be our distributor

  • Private Label

  • OEM in our factory

  • ODM in our factory

1. Be Our Distributor/Wholesaler

Be Our Distributor/Wholesaler, you can directly purchase or import our stock products in bulk, but these stock products will be with our brand printed on package, and products specifications are fixed, will not change according to your demands. Because everything is settled up, it’s ready-made. But in this way, MOQ is small, you can mix different sizes in one container.

For example,
  • adult diaper can be mixed M L XL 3 sizes in 1x20ft container.
  • Baby diaper can be mixed NB S M L XL XXL 6 sizes in 1x20ft container.
  • Female sanitary napkin can be mixed 155mm, 180mm, 240mm, 280mm, 330mm, 390mm, 420mm in 1x20ft container.
  • Disposable underpad or puppy training pad can be mixed 60x40, 60x60, 60x90cm sizes in 1x20ft container.

Welcome to to talk cooperation details, your requirements will get our first attention and prompt reply.

2. Do Private Label in Our Factory

Doing Private Label in our factory can use your brand logo on the package bag and carton, but inside products are still our design with our fixed specifications. In this case, moq depends on the package bag printing moq, usually 10000pcs of bags at least need to be printed in once.

For example,
if 10pcs diapers per bag, and your order is only 80000pcs of diapers, then only use 8000pcs of bags. Then the left 2000pcs of bags will be charged deposit. This deposit can be paid together with rest payment, and it will be returned to you when you place next order.
Welcome to to talk cooperation details, your requirements will get our first attention and prompt reply.

3. Do OEM in Our Factory

OEM, can print your own brand on package and with your own specifications products inside, you provide the design of your package artwork and your products spec, our factory just manufacture it out and pack it well, until loading all finished products to container and deliver it out through sea ship.

MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity) of this way is usually 1x40hq per size, or 1x40hq mixed 2 sizes at most.

For example,
Adult diaper manufacture, moq is 1x20ft one size, or 1x40hq mixed 2 sizes.
Baby diaper manufacture, moq is 1x20ft one size, or 1x40hq mixed 4 sizes, or 2x40hq mixed 6 sizes.
Female sanitary pads manufacture, moq is 1x20ft one size, or 1x40hq mixed 2 sizes.
Disposable underpad or pet puppy pad manufacture, moq is 1x20ft per size, or 1x40hq mixed 2 sizes.
Welcome to to talk cooperation details, your requirements will get our first attention and prompt reply.

4.Do ODM in Our Factory

ODM means we do all designs for you, according to your requirements.We do inside products specifications design, inside package bag artwork design, outside carton artwork design, even diaper or pads printed backsheet and printed frontal tape design for you. After all designs approved by you, we do mass production for you, and ship it to you by container ship.

This kind of working way, usually requires big MOQ. Because new printed design needs to open new print mould and has high printing amount moq limit. For example, backsheet printed baby diapers moq is 2x40hq with 4 sizes, while white backsheet baby diaper is 1x40hq with 4 sizes.

Welcome to to talk cooperation details, your requirements will get our first attention and prompt reply.

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